Change Log

2022-01-24FormulasAdded a feature that enables formulas to be make secret from all but explicitly assigned users.
2022-01-10Inventory ReconciliationAdded a notes feature to inventory reconciliation on the input page, visible on the Details page.
2022-01-09ReceivingAdded a finalize feature to receivingFeature enhancement
2022-01-07FormulasAdded a new Projected Costs pane to display the expected costs of raw materials and labor based on batch size.New feature
2021-12-11CurrenciesAdded a new feature that dyamically updates the system with latest international exchange rates and applies these rates to items purchased in currencies other than the user's home currency..New feature
2021-12-11PartsAdded a new mass edit feature to parts.New feature
2021-12-11PackagingAdded a new mass edit feature to packaging.New feature
2021-12-11MaterialsAdded a new mass edit feature to materials.New feature
2021-12-10IngredientsAdded a new mass edit feature to ingredients.New feature
2021-12-09ProductsAdded a new mass edit feature to the product list page.New feature
2021-12-02Price ListsAdded a new clone feature that enables all types of price lists to be cloned.New feature
2021-11-26ShippingReleased a new configuration option called "Require Production Run Verification". When this is set to true, products that are produced in production runs are hidden from Shipping and the Racking interfaces until the originating production run is verified.New feature
2021-11-25Suggested Raw MaterialsThis new interface suggests what raw materials should be staged for a particular produciton run. There is also a PDF version that workers can take into the warehouse if paper is required.New feature
2021-08-23VariousBroke the View Finanical Permission into separate permissions for Procurement, Production, Sales, and MaintanceFeature enhancement
2021-08-22MeetingsAdded the ability to capture signatures to meeting attendeesFeature enhancement
2021-07-29PickingAdded the ablility to search candidate itemsFeature enhancement
2021-07-28RackingMajor performance improvementsFeature enhancement
2021-07-21Pricing TiersAdded a type of price list that enables customers to be grouped into tiers instead of having to create price lists for each customerNew feature
2021-06-17Tool ManagementAdded a new feature to check in and check out tools and other equipmentNew feature
2021-06-01HomeAdded a Production Run widget to show current production runsFeature enhancement
2021-05-27RackingAdded an exact match search featureFeature enhancementFeature enhancement
2021-05-19Production RunsAdded countdown timer functionalityFeature enhancement
2021-05-11Work OrdersAdding scanning functionality for materials and partsFeature enhancement
2021-05-07Work OrdersReleased costing for work ordersFeature enhancement
2021-04-20UploadRedeveloped image and document uploads on various interfaces to support drag and dropNew Feature
2021-04-20TransformAdded a new interface that allows products, ingredients, materials, and packaging to be transformed into other item types or other instances of the same type. It is kind of like mini-production runs except with free-form inputs and outputs. You can use this, for example, to convert a product to an ingredient or even combine muliple items to assemble a product.New Feature
2021-04-13Quality Control ChecksReleased a major revision of Quality Control Create (as accessed from the main menu as opposed to through the Production Run Detail interface) which includes support for scanning barcodes and a more responsive design for mobile devicesFeature Enhancement
2021-04-01BreakdownAdded a quick access icon for the Breakdown interfaceFeature Enhancement
2021-04-01Inventory ReconciliationAdded the ability to import existing inventoryNew Feature
2021-03-27Inventory TransactionsAdded scanning capabilitiesNew Feature
2021-03-24Production RunRollback production stage.New Feature
2021-03-20BreakdownAdded a new feature that allows users to break master cases of fixed weight products down into individual items.New Feature
2021-03-09Customer ComplaintsReleased a Customer Complaint Feature with full incident supportNew Feature
2021-02-09InspectionSupport for adding numeric value inspection responsesFeature Enhancement
2021-02-01InventorySupport for editing Best Before Date from Inventory DetailsFeature Enhancement
2021-01-26Inventory ReconciliationAdded the ability to make inventory adjustments to reconcile variances between expected and actual inventoryFeature Enhancement
2021-01-25Feature RequestsAdded email alerts that are sent to stakeholders when comments are added or the status changesFeature Enhancement
2021-01-24Internal AuditsAdded image and associated document panesFeature Enhancement
2021-01-24ReceivingAdded support to receive multiple items from the same PO at different pricesFeature Enhancement
2021-01-19Production RunAdd a filter to search by statusFeature Enhancement
2021-01-17PickingReleased a major revision of Picking 3Feature Enhancement
2021-01-10LocationLocation Inventory search enhancementFeature Enhancement
2020-12-20ShippingReleased a major redesign of the Shipping Details interface that completes the series of revisions to the Logistics interfaces. This new version includes a local cache that can work offline as well as major performance impovements when search by scanning or by text.Feature Enhancement
2020-12-16Feature RequestsReleased a Feature Request module that allows users to suggest, comment, and vote on new features that they'd like to see developed by the Icicle Team.New Feature
2020-12-12Production RunsAdded a Sensor Assignment pane on the Production Run Detail page that enables sensors to be easily configured to collect data for QC Checks. Values collected are considered on the QC Checks pane and in the CoANew Feature
2020-12-10Lab TestsAdd an Export to Excel feature to the Lab Test List page that allows exports of lab test data for out-of-band analysisNew Feature
2020-12-04ShippingSupport grouping track by weight items by lot codeFeature Enhancement
2020-11-25Products, Ingredients, Materials, Packaging, PartsEnhanced the supplier pane to enable the supplier's internal item code information to be savedFeature Enhancement
2020-11-19Kosher CertificatesAdd pagination to the Kosher Certificate List pageFeature Enhancement
2020-11-16Loss ReportsAdd a Loss Report, which details the weight losses associated with cooking during productionNew Feature
2020-11-10Loss Report TemplatesAdd a Loss Report Template that is use to generate Loss Reports, which detail the weight losses associated with cooking productsNew Feature
2020-11-09SalesAdded Sales Fulfillment Report a.k.a. Shipping ReportFeature Enhancement
2020-11-08ReceivingAdded a US-Eligible attributeFeature Enhancement
2020-11-05Production RunsAdded the option to include the Tare Equipment Asset Identifier and Net Green Weight to Shipping Labels for items that are tracked individually.Feature Enhancement
2020-10-28ProductsAdded a Substitutes pane on Product Detail that can be used to identity products that can be substituted when picking sales ordersNew Feature
2020-10-21ShippingAdd ability to choose from copack customers (private labels) as shipment sender.Feature enhancement
2020-10-18QC ChecksAdd a new Receiving Input interface that is used to feed receiving information to the Receiving Detail interface. This new interface serves two primary purposes: 1) It is a lighter, more mobile-friendly interface that is optimized for scanning. 2) It allows users to incremental increase the quantity receiving by 1 as the user scans each item. 2) It enables multiple receivers to work on receiving the same order at the same time without overwriting each other's work.New feature
2020-10-09QC ChecksAdd support for custom numeric formats for QC Check input values.Feature enhancement
2020-09-27ReceivingAdded a new Receiving Label interface to allow mass printing of receiving labels in a single operation. The interface is accessible through the printer icon at the top of the Receiving Details page. Note: This interface is also bartender-enabled.New feature
2020-09-17Scheduled TaskAdd notification topic for scheduled task create and edit.Feature Enhancement
2020-09-14Inventory CountAdd a new Inventory Count interface that collects actual inventory counts, which are displayed on the Inventory Reconciliation interface. Future releases will include the ability to make inventory adjustments.New feature
2020-09-09MultipleAdd sorting to Material List, Package List, Part ListFeature enhancement
2020-09-09Product SpecificationsAdded additional attriubtes to the product spec sheetFeature enhancement
2020-09-04EquipmentEdit outage start time and end timeFeature enhancement
2020-09-09MultipleAdd sorting to Material List, Package List, Part ListFeature enhancement
2020-09-04EquipmentEdit outage start time and end timeFeature enhancement
2020-09-04Purchase OrderAdded visual cue for order fill ratio to Items column.Feature enhancement
2020-09-02Receiving, Label GeneratorAdded the conversion factor to the Bartender label integration so that master cases can be distingished from single itemsFeature enhancement
2020-09-02Receiving, Production RunsAdded the option to include allergens on receiving and shipping labels. Improved label layout.Feature enhancement
2020-08-31FacilityAdd default facility for Purchase Order Create, Sales Order Create, and Production Run Create.Feature enhancement
2020-08-30ShippingAdd a default Carrier for customers and default the value when creating a shipment from Shipping Create and Picking.Feature enhancement
2020-08-25MultipleAdd quantity shipped/received and variance to the drop down detail on Sales Order List and Purchase Order List.New feature
2020-08-20MultipleEdit Notes in View mode for Purchase Order, Sales Order, and Shipping Record Details.New Feature
2020-08-20Shipping LabelAdded a new option on the Company Edit interface to enable a new barcode placed Shipping Labels that encodes the id of the production run in which the product was produced. This label can be used to pop the corresponding record on the Production Run List interface.Feature enhancement
2020-08-20Production RunsAdded support to enable GS1-128 traceablity barcodes to be scanned into the Production Run List interface to enable the corresponding detail records to be popped automatically.Feature enhancement
2020-08-20Production RunAdded warning if production run Actual Qty is being adjusted lowerFeature enhancement
2020-08-19Production RunAdded warnings if production run input Qty used is more than available in stockFeature enhancement
2020-08-19PickingAdded a new Picking 3 interface that allows users to choose specific sales orders and then pick by productNew Feature
2020-08-12MultipleAdd Verify feature for Receiving Record and ShipmentFeature enhancement
2020-08-12TaskEnable team member to view team tasks and reassign to self on completionFeature enhancement
2020-08-12TaskAdd View All Tasks permissionFeature enhancement
2020-08-11ReceivingAdd Quick View feature to Receiving List, Purchase Order List, Sales Order List, and Shipping Record ListNew Feature
2020-08-06TransactionAdd Transaction History Excel exportNew Feature
2020-07-29ShippingAdd Bill of Lading PDF exportNew Feature
2020-07-29Screening RecordsAdd comments and notes to screening recordsFeature Enhancement
2020-07-24Production RunsThe system now allows lot codes to be changed on production runs provided that there have not yet been any associated transactions createdFeature Enhancement
2020-07-24Production RunsAdded an approval mechanism for production runsNew Feature
2020-07-24Production RunsAdded barcode scanning support to enable users to export Excel and PDF documents from the Production Run List page and then scan these barcodes back into that interface to pop production run detail records. The purpose is to enable workers to pop detail records without having to search when given a list of production runs that have been scheduled for production.New Feature
2020-07-16VariousAdded support for multiple default printers for different interfaces.Feature Enhancement
2020-07-16VariousAdded support for multiple printers for clients using the Bartender integration. This includes facility and user-specific default printer selections. When selected, a printer Id is sent through the integration when generating labels from Receiving, Locaitons, Equipment, Production Runs, and the Label Genenerator.New Feature
2020-07-14ShippingAdded Search by items in Shipment List.Feature enhancement
2020-07-14Sales OrderAdded Search by items in Sales Order List.Feature enhancement
2020-07-14Purchase OrderAdded Search by items in Purchase Order List.Feature enhancement
2020-07-14Training RecordAdded support for selecting multiple trainees in Create page.Feature enhancement
2020-07-10InventoryAdded On Order column, which is outstanding purchased quantity for items.Feature enhancement
2020-06-23Sales OrdersAdded a barcode to enable scanning into the upcoming new picking interface.Feature enhancement
2020-06-22ReceivingAdded an exportable PDF version of the interface.New Fetaure
2020-06-21ReceivingAdded support for calculating best before dates from packaging and production dates when scanning, if an explicit best before date is not avaiable. The scan function will now also use a derivation based on the production date or packaging date as a lot code if a lot code is not available when scanning..Feature enhancement
2020-06-20Production RunsAdded support for scanning GS1-128 barcodes with AI 240 (internal code) products as inputs. Previously, users could only scan barcodes with fully described GS1 attributes.Feature enhancment
2020-06-19Pandemic Status ReportAdded a Pandemic Status Report to accompany Pandemic Plans.New Fetaure
2020-06-15Input TraceCorrected a problem with the way that precuror products were costed.Bug fix
2020-06-14Pandemic ControlAdded a feature that generates COVID-19 pandemic control plansNew Feature
2020-06-09Packing SlipsAdded an option to display sales order references on packing slips. Note: This feature is turned off by default. Enable by setting the Show Sales Orders on Packing Slips option on the master company's edit page.New Feature
2020-06-01Quality Control ChecksAdded quality control checks for ingredients, materials, packaging, and partsFeature enhancement
2020-06-01Product SpecificationsAdded product specifications for ingredients, materials, packaging, and partsFeature enhancement
2020-05-30ProductsAdded a Shipping Template attribute to products that is used to override the facility's default shipping template when printing shipping labels from Production Runs using 3rd party label software integrationsFeature enhancement
2020-05-25Screening RecordsAdded a new set of interfaces that allow users to screen employees and visitors for pandemic symptoms. Also provided a default set of questions in a master screening template.New Feature
2020-05-15Screening TemplateAdded a new set of interfaces that allow users to configure screening templates for pandemic controlNew Feature
2020-05-09Production Input ReportAdded a production input reportNew Feature
2020-04-24Production ForecastsA complete replacement of the production run forcast interface that enables users to create production runs directly from the forecast.New Feature
2020-04-21Purchasing ReportAdded an export to Excel featureNew Feature
2020-04-12Sales ReportAdded an export to Excel featureNew Feature
2020-04-09Production Input ReportAdded a production input reportNew Feature
2020-03-25Purchase OrdersMade it possible to add multiple line items of the same item on purchase orders.
2020-03-24Packing SlipsAdded the best before date of itemsFeature enhancement
2020-03-20Sales OrdersAdded a Close feature to sales orders that prevents items from closed sales orders from appearing on the picking interface
2020-03-10Purchasing SuggestionsAdded a end date filter to enable users to determine ordering requirements at various times in the future.New Feature
2020-03-08InspectionsAdded the ability to assign tasks when items fail inspectionNew Feature
2020-03-04HomeAdded a new pinnable icon to enable fast access to the Label Generator interfaceNew Feature
2020-03-04FormulaAdded a new Cost Allocation attribute to by-products. This percentage is used to distribute costs to both the primary product and any by-products during production.New Feature
2020-03-04CompaniesAdded a new Exclude Labor option to the Accounting tile. When this is set, overhead costs are only applied to raw materials. When not set, overhead costs are applied to both raw materials and laborNew Feature
2020-02-08Work OrdersAdded a shipment tile to Sales Orders and updated the default view's Allocated column to display red of the item has not yet been fully shipped, green if it has.New Feature
2020-02-05Work OrdersAdded the ability to attach photos and documentsNew Feature
2020-02-02ProductsAdded a new Label Generator under Logistics to enable the creating of labels for inventory locationsNew Feature
2020-01-29Production RunsThe system now automatically allocates overhead when calculating production run costs.New Feature
2020-01-29CompaniesAdded a default overhead rate to the primary organization that is used to calculate overheadNew Feature
2020-01-29Production RunsOptimized Production Run Details for mobile devicesFeature enhancement
2020-01-20InspectionsCreated a Complete feature for inspections with task assignments and email alerts going out to the Verifiier when Inspections are compeletedNew Feature
2020-01-16ProductsAdded a container size and conversion factor to products and ingredients to simplify the addition of ingredients during production runsNew Feature
2020-01-16ProductsAdded the logic needed to categorize Parts by typeNew Feature
2020-01-13ProductsAdded production run costingNew Feature
2020-01-07ProductsAdded scanning capability to enable search by scanning on the Product List pageNew Feature
2019-12-29RackingAdded a racking label that can be generated by clicking the icon in the racking area on the left (or bottom with low-res screens) using the default template or through a Bartender integrationNew feature
2019-12-29ProductAdded a scan icon at the top of the Product Edit page to enable users to scan a barcode to automatically populate the GS1 information and UPC fieldNew feature
2019-12-29RackingRevised scanning and searching locations to simplify interfaceFeature enhancement
2019-12-28ReceivingAdded support to enable users to scan purchase orders when creating receiving records and to filter outstanding PO items when a purchase order number is entered.Feature enhancement
2019-12-27ReceivingChanged the default supplier list on Receiving Create to suppliers and the current company only. Added radio buttons to enable customers to be return in order to process customer returns. Also capped the results to 10,000 companies.Enhancement
2019-12-21Purchase OrderAdded a close feature. When a purchase order is closed, it no longer appears as a suggested option on new Receiving Records, which prevents unfulfilled orders from cluttering the interfaceNew feature
2019-12-21Production RunAdded support for individual items tracked by serial number and weight to be consumed as ingredientsNew feature
2019-12-11LogisticsAdded a utility in the admin section that enables users to see the result of scans in terms of scanner output. Used to check scanner configurationNew Feature
2019-12-11LogisticsReleased support for non-GS1-compliant scanning of barcodes for inventory items and inventory locationsFeature enhancement
2019-12-08LogisticsAdded logic to support scanners that substitute spaces for group separators in barcodesDevice Support
2019-12-08Shipping LabelAdd a new Production Run attribute to primary companies that enables the production date to be output on Shipping labels that are generated from Production Runs.New feature
2019-12-08LogisticsMade extensive layout changes to Receiving, Racking, and Picking to improve the experience on mobile devicesEnhancement
2019-12-08Production RunAdded the ability to generate 1D and 2D shipping labels for items that are tracked individually by weightNew feature
2019-12-08Production RunAdded the ability to generate 2D shipping labels on Production Runs.New feature
2019-12-08ReceivingChanges to Receiving Details to improve scanner functionalityEnhancement
2019-11-22Destruction ReportEnabled a printable destruction report PDF to be generated.New feature
2019-11-21Internal Audit Added a new Internal Assessment feature to enable companies to self-assess their operationsNew feature
2019-11-20Contact TypeAdded a new Contact Type entity and an associated attribute in ContactsNew feature
2019-11-20Maintenance Activity ReportAdded a new Maintenance Activity ReportNew feature
2019-11-19ProjectsAdded a new Projects feature for managing maintenance projectsNew feature
2019-11-17Customer TypesAdded a Customer Type attributeĀ to Companies. Note that the field only appears if the Customer attributeĀ is checked.New feature
2019-11-17Trade TypesAdded a Trade Type attribute to Purchase Orders and Sales OrdersNew feature
2019-11-16EquipmentAdded a Previous Work History region to Equipment Detail and made it possible to search by scanningNew feature
2019-11-13ProductAdded a new Product Type entityNew feature
2019-11-13InspectionAdded an option to hide the latest creation date in each regon of inspection details (needs to be set from the database)New feature
2019-11-13UserAdded a Start Date attributeNew feature
2019-11-11Destruction ReportsAdded a Destruction Report feature with Witness StatementsNew feature
2019-10-22ProductsAdded an Is Cannabis Product? attribute to products. When this option is checked on the create or edit interfaces, a list of cannabis catagories is displayed with check boxes so that users can select the cactory. Used for government reporting purposes.New feature
2019-10-22ProductsAdded an Ingredient List attribute so ingredients can be printed on labels (didn't use the formulas to handle situations where users are trading without manufacturing)New feature
2019-10-21Production RunAdded a labour cost region so labour can be added to production runs. Also added Unit Labor and Total Labor KPIs to the top of the prodution run detail interfaceNew feature
2019-10-16UsersAdded a loaded cost attribute so labour can be calculated on production runs and cropsNew feature
2019-09-30ReceivingAdded a print all spec sheets feature to the top of the Product List page.New feature
2019-09-22ContainersAdded a new Container Type feature to caputure notions like skid, carton, shipping container, ect. More to come on this.New feature
2019-08-29Production RunsThe system now displays the date ingredients are received or produced when the ingredient chevron is clicked.New feature
2019-07-29Consumption ReportAdded a new Consumption Report that shows the quantities of inputs that have been consumed over a given date range.New feature
2019-07-28ReceivingAdded the ability to automatically calculate best before dates based on lot codes. Note, you must set the lot code and shelf life first. Works on ingredients and products. Only in available in the new receiving detail interface.New feature
2019-07-28ReceivingAdded support for unit conversion on received productsNew feature
2019-07-07ReceivingReleased a new feature that enables a default best before days attribute to be set for ingredients. When this value is set, the system will calculate a default best before date by adding the indicated number of days ot the current date so that the best before date doesn't have to be added manually. Note, this feature is intended to be used only with items that do not come with predefined best before dates, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.New feature
2019-06-26Materials & PackagingReleased a new feature that enables materials and packaging to be flagged as requiring testing. When items are received for which this flag is set, an alert is set out and them item is sent to the default QA Hold inventory location instead of general inventory.New feature
2019-06-07Purchase OrdersReleased a new high-performance version of the Purchase Order Detail interface.Enhancement
2019-05-27Sales OrdersReleased a new high-performance version of the Sales Order Detail interface.Enhancement
2019-05-09Price ListsReleased a new feature that enables price lists to be customer specificNew feature
2019-05-06RackingDeployed a new racking interface with local data cache for fast inventory processing and offline access.New feature
2019-04-29PickingDeployed a new picking interface with local data cache for fast inventory processing and offline access.New feature
2019-03-24FooterAdded link to enable direct access to the primary account's company detail page from the footerNew feature
2019-03-23HomeReleased a redesign menu and navigation system with customizating capapbilities and dashboard widgets.New feature
2019-03-01InventoryAdded pagnation to the Inventory List pageNew feature
2019-02-24FormulaAdded a new Input Trace feature that allows you to see the underlying ingredients, materials, and packaging for any production run. This report can be accessed from the Production Run Detail, Production Run List, and Production Report pages.New feature
2019-02-24FormulaAdded search filters and sorting to the Formula List pageNew feature
2019-02-15HARPC PlansOptimized the query feeding data to the Inventory List page to improve performance when Show Lots is selected.Optimization
2019-02-14HARPC PlansCreated a new HARPC plan that pulls in various elements from Icicle to create a HARPC-compliant plan.New feature
2019-02-07Vendor CertificationAdded a new feature to the Vendor Certifciation List page that allows reminders to be sent out to vendors whose certifications are expiring or expired.New feature
2019-02-07ShippingAdded a new 'Stage' column to item search results table that displays the production stage of the product. Item that have been completed or those produced without using production stages display as 'Complete'. All others display in red to avoid shipping incomplete product. Note: If production stages haven't been used within the past year, this column does not appear.New feature
2019-02-07PackagingAdded controls to filter formulae to show active, terminated, or all formulas based on termination date.New feature
2019-02-06PackagingAdded Images and Related Document regions to Package Details to allow users to attached images and related documents to packaging recordsNew feature
2019-02-05MaterialAdded Images and Related Document regions to Material Details to allow users to attached images and related documents to material recordsNew feature
2019-01-28FacilityAdded a Product Stage region to Formula Details to allow users to define stages of production that can be used on Production Runs to indicate the status of in-process productsNew feature
2019-01-28FacilityCreated new Farm Report that is generated by a new button at the top of the Facility Detail page (only appears if the facility has associated Crops)New feature
2019-01-28FacilityAdded Fax and Mobile attributes to facilitiesNew feature
2019-01-26Production RunChanged the way that permission assignments work so that users can only assign permissions that they have themselves. Security Enhancement
2019-01-16Production RunAdded a new 'Batches' field to the Production Run Create interface that allows users to enter the expected yield in batches. The system then automatically calcuations the expected output in inventory units. New feature
2019-01-16Production RunAdded a new feature to allow users to select an alternative inventory location for production run outputs.New feature
2019-01-15ShipmentAdded an option to select an alternative shipping address during shipment create and editNew feature
2019-01-15CompanyAdded a new region to allow the definition of alternative shipping addressesNew feature
2019-01-14Sales OrderAdded the ability to define the order of items on the PDF Sales Order export according to the ordinal attribute of the product. If the ordinals are not set, the order is sorted by product name.New feature
2019-01-04InspectionAdded a new filter on the Inspection List page to allow users to filter the list to display only verified inspections or inspections that have not yet been verified.New feature
2019-01-04InspectionAdded logic to prevent inspections from being finalized before they are verified or when the end date is required but not yet set.New feature
2018-12-20ProductAdded a Shipping region to the Product Detail interface so that users can see a history of product shipments over a date range.New feature
2018-12-19Change LogAdded this change log feature to keep the user community up to date on changes to IcicleNew feature
2018-12-19ProductSimplified weights on Products to gross and net weights only.Product enhancement
2018-12-10CropsAdded new crops feature to capture planting, feeding, harvesting, etc.New feature